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july 29th death and obituary

Spencer Bowles Excellent work mr. President, here’s hoping for another 4 years of this man and his bold, courageous actions in clearing the swamp and actually getting things done! God bless America

Connie Noe Jenks Democratic politicians going down the drain slowly but surely! Thank you President Trump for Loving America and staying strong. God Bless you
Alvin Mize I really didn't want to treat this in poor taste by being GlIB about it ,BUT, HEY IRANIAN MILITARY GENERALS ...... DUCK!!

Keith Goldberg Big deal. Let the U.S.A put out a warrant for arrest against the Ayatollah Khomeini. We can park a few warships off their shores. Lets see how they'd like that!

Young Curt Death - Dead :  San Francisco Bay Area Rapper Killed in Car Accident.

Aubrey Mcclendon Death - Dead :  Aubrey Mcclendon  Obituary : Killed in a Fatal Car Accident.

Dave Matthews Death-Dead  / Obituary : Dave Matthews may have passed away.

Midfielder Joseph Cairel Death - Dead : Joseph Cairel Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

Matthew Simmons Death - Dead : Matthew Todd Simmons. Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

Benny Mardones Death - Dead : Benny Mardones Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

BattleTech artist Jim Holloway Death - Dead : Jim Holloway Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

sublime singer-pianist Freddy Cole Death - Dead : Freddy Cole Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

Brandon Hendricks Death - Dead : Brandon Hendricks Obituary : Basketball StarShot To Death In The Bronx New York City.

Thomas TJ Hunt Death - Dead : Thomas TJ Hunt Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown.

Racer Seth Fischer Death - Dead :   Seth Fischer Obituary : Cause of Death Unknown

Bobby Craig Death - Dead : Bobby Craig Obituary : longtime Tuloso-Midway basketball coach has passed away Stuart Cornfeld Death - Dead : Stuart Cornfeld Obituary : Renowned producer Passed Away

Jason Thomas Might as well arrest all the past previous presidents too.
All a political stunt leading up to election.
The Democratic party is doing everything in their power to destroy his presidency.

Joe LM And They waited all of this time? Hmm It has the Democrats written all over it.

Jen Lynn the DeepFriedState Dems and Bush Era Repubs Love this! Each the same the SWAMP! This former Democrat cant wait to vote TRUMP 2020!.

Carolyn Miller Van Vleet Trump wasn’t the actual one that killed him...he wasn’t the one that pulled the trigger. Good luck with the arrest. Never going to happen.

Joshua Rae Thousands of family members of victims would have liked to have issued an arrest warrant for Solimani if he wasn't all torn up about it already.

James Dawson Trump is experiencing an all out assault by the Demonic powers of this world. The evil is beyond anything I have witnessed in my life time.

Micky Silvers His arrest warrant and $7.50 can get a cup of coffee almost anywhere.

Steve Bickham The bad guys hate us, that can only mean one thing. WE HAVE AN AWESOME PRESIDENT! LOVE TRUMP!

Bob Marrama Ok, we are handing over the commander in chief, please send all of your top government officials by the airport and wait......

Kim Couchman Oh so this is their next move. Covid, cause riots, now this. I was waiting to see the next trick in their book would be.

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